About You Marry


We love working with couples who care deeply about their photos and who understand that the photographer can make a big difference in their memories.


In our opinion, the best day of your life deserves to be photographed completely, since often the most striking moments happen when you least expect it.
We specialize in creative wedding photography … We tell the story of the wedding day with natural and spontaneous images without interfering with the course of the day.

But a wedding for us is not complete without the couple’s portraits and family photos. In any situation, we use creativity to create unique images that bring beauty, naturalness, emotion and evocative power!

We like to capture the moments instead of creating them … But if the couple wants Fashion Editorial style photos and also photos of all the guests in the traditional style … rest assured … they will be safe with us, we guarantee this to you .

We like to capture the moments instead of creating them…

Create unique images that bring beauty, naturalness, emotion and evocative power!


I am not the kind of photographer to remain on the sidelines, capturing your day at a distance. I like to be in the eye of the splendid storm, intentional and present. For me, that is where you strike gold.

Being close to the celebrations helps me to discover the stories that bond you with your nearest and dearest, to uncover the history of your friendships and decipher what are the true moments worth freezing in time. Leaving you with an honest, authentic set of images curated to you and your story.

Wedding Film

We know the huge importance of capturing each special moment of your wedding day, and film every detail to produce a stunning, elegant and timeless cinematic wedding film, whether your having a relaxed garden wedding, luxury wedding or an elopment only for you and your soulmate.

With coverage starting from preparations, ceremony and continuing until after the dancing with no time constraints, in other words, your day in its fullest.
We are partners with FMark Films

Your wedding photography is one of the few elements of your great day that will last forever.


Your wedding photography is one of the few elements of your great day that will last forever. Choosing a photographer is one of the most important investments for your wedding. Choosing the location and the photographer are the first two steps to take when the organization starts. Having said that, I am happy and honored that you are considering me as a photographer for your wedding 

We also offer high quality fine art paper album with hardcover, or leather. In 20 years, the album and video will be the only memory materials for you and your family on the most important day of your life. This memory is not only for you, but also for your children, your grandchildren, and for all those you love.

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Aline & Alexandre
Aline & Alexandre
1 year ago

You Marry photography is a company managed by Vivi Godinho. She is exceptional, talented photographer. For her, it’s not just a photo, but the memories you’ll cherish forever.
Thank you so much Vivi
Aline & Alexandre  

Mayara Oliveira + Christopher Detiège
Mayara Oliveira + Christopher Detiège
1 year ago

I thank the two wonderful photographers who made our great day everlast in our memories.
Thank you very much for the impeccable work.
Thank you also for having thought of every detail, for choosing a beautiful place and for taking care of us with all the affection.
Success, you deserve it!

Débora Cristina + André Alonso
Débora Cristina + André Alonso
1 year ago

A great professionalism. We were comfortable from day one. The photos of our wedding and dating session were beautiful, capturing moments in time of natural emotions, nothing forced by poses required by anyone, just brief tips to leave memories in time. A smooth style and excellent sense of opportunity in image capture. Great job. Very pleased, we recommend.

Jonathan and Pamela
Jonathan and Pamela
1 year ago

Wow, this photographer is perfect, thank you from the heart for the attention and the various clicks that gave … Vivi and Pedro, thank you for recording this moment so important in our lives !!!
Missing words to thank you and adjectives are not enough!
We went looking for a great photographer, who was the best, but with the low cost, because the money was missing, rs, but to our surprise, we did and still came back with a new friend !!!!
We received the photos of our event and we had the proof that all the trust we placed in Vivi Godinho, Vivi Godinho Photography, was not in vain …. You were perfect from the beginning to the last click !!!!
You managed to perpetuate our love in photos, to show what we did not see in a simple glance. The most incredible thing is that you managed to make our shyness disappear.
It was a privilege to have our “Great Day” eternalized by its magical lenses, Vivi !!!!
Loved it all !! Three million years and we will not be able to thank !!!! We wish you all the success of the world, many and many couples of grooms and that, despite all the success, that you never miss this affection and friendship that are so captivating !!!! We want you ever present in our lives! (How about a wedding rehearsal, huh?)
Thank you very much, from your eternal sweethearts, Jonathan and Pamela.

Érica + Carlos
Érica + Carlos
1 year ago

We would like to thank you immensely, was the realization of a great dream we are very happy with the result! Thanks for the collaboration with so much love!
We thank you from the heart for allowing us to have such a wonderful day.

Agatha Custódio + Max Diangelis
Agatha Custódio + Max Diangelis
1 year ago

To this day I get compliments from the photos, the best thing about the wedding was Vivi’s work, shot!Great! The experience could not have been better. The photos translated what was the main mark of our wedding: the personality and spontaneity. With a natural retro air, the photos overflowed love in the most natural and true way possible. No other photographer would have captured our essence with such perfection. It was wonderful!

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