Rustic and unique wedding decor

It was a challenge from start to finish… Matheus and Valeria are a lovely young couple, and we wanted to convey that. And how to convince the couple in a place where our style of decoration is not so well known? Confidence. We gave ourselves body and soul to this event. Ideas were coming up and I remember the first out of the box idea was the cake table. We didn’t want something boring for such a different couple. We visited the space several times and that’s when we decided to create something for the cake to stay on top, as is done a lot in Brazil. It was pretty crazy because we needed a very wide tree trunk, which was very difficult to find in conventional stores. We drove to Bruges, where an acquaintance was cutting down a giant tree in his garden. Luckily the size was just right and the first part of our table was almost right.

The wedding kept taking our sleep, as we wanted a differential everywhere. The colors of the tables were very well chosen, thus bringing lightness to a place that was already very rustic, with a lot of wood. The pink helped a lot in breaking the contrast and the Bordeaux touches helped to conquer the fine touch that the party deserved.

As the months passed, the ideas for the outside changed, as the landscape also changed. We are from the principle of always delivering more. Ever. We had agreed with the youngsters that there would be only one arch for the altar. 3 weeks before the wedding we visited the space again, and there was no way not to enjoy the beauty that the place was providing us. Together with my team we decided to add a few things, which yes, gave us a lot of work. We chose to make an entrance, thus leaving that suspense as soon as the ceremony arrived. You must be wondering ok, but where is the difficulty? On Wednesday, July 20th, we performed at the venue. Yes, if possible we like to decorate in two days. One day for possible structures and the next day for completion. Our entrance was made with wood. And we didn’t want to take the glamor out of wood by using metal feet. We then chose to fix the wood to the floor. Which took us almost 2 hours. Yeah, hours of relay to get the wood to stay well fixed and secure. That day was crazy, rain, sweat, all in one. But we were so pleased to be delivering so much, to be delivering everything.

We are used to seeing everything ready. But there were countless stores, countless cities, hours worked and not slept. But that’s the essence of BS EVENTS, not only turning dreams into realities, but living it too, literally from beginning to end. It was beautiful, it was pleasurable and the feeling of the after is our source of energy for the journey.

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